Reaching the World Through Prayer!

Please be Patient…

Changes, Please be Patient... I imagine you have noticed some changes at Global Intercessors. I took the helm after Milton Martin asked us to step in. Honestly, it was humbling that he thought we could handle it. After looking over each of the [...]

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Mission Mongolia Final Update

  (Austin Wartner sent the following report to be shared with Global Intercessors.)  "We praise the Lord for the opportunity to distribute God's Word in Mongolia. Since our last update, we had a total upheaval of our plans. Our distribution of [...]

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Update Concerning Milton Martins Condition

     We appreciate so much you faithfully interceding on Bro. Martins behalf. Because of his history with AFib the Dr. wanted to proceed with the ablation treatment. By the scheduled time of the procedure his heart beat had returned to normal. [...]

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