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US-North Korean Summit meeting

As you know, we are only hours away from the start of the US/North Korea Summit meeting in Singapore. History is indeed being made before our eyes. No one can predict the end from the beginning of this historic event. Rather than rehashing all [...]

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Youth Olympics 2018 Outreach Campaign

From October 5-19, 2018, Buenos Aires, Argentina will be hosting the 2018 Youth Olympics. A team will be heading to Buenos Aires at the time to assist Missionaries David & Kelsi Martin to reach athletes, coaches, media personal & residents [...]

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US Embassy, Jerusalem

Tomorrow (Monday) afternoon at 4pm- Jerusalem Time-  a ceremony will be held to celebrate the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem. A delegation of 250 officials from the USA will be on hand. Israeli officials are preparing for possible [...]

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Milton Martin-Ongoing Prayer Requested

Milton Martin-Ongoing Prayer Requested Brethren, The last procedure on Bro. Martins heart seems to be successful, but he remains extremely tired and with constant nausea. He is barely able to keep anything down and he is thus very [...]

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Milton Martin – Cardiac procedure successful!

Thank you for praying as Bro. Martin had a double Ablation procedure on Monday. He is at home resting as this is the first time in a couple of weeks that his heart rhythm is normal and he is very weak. Please continue praying for him as he [...]

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Prayer Requested – Bro. Milton Martin

Bro. Martin was scheduled for a double ablation coronary procedure on Monday the 22nd of February. But, he had to be taken to the hospital today as he was dehydrated and could not eat, as well as the fact that he had heart arrhythmia for the past [...]

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