Reaching the World Through Prayer!

ALASKA . . . Where Many Of People Have Tried To Hide From God, Family and Civilization.


Alaska’s total population is 739,795 of whom one-half are in Anchorage. There are three major groups of native Alaskans. They are Indians, Eskimo and Aleut who number 79,564 in at least 306 villages. Alaska has several strong, mission sending churches. However, apart from those, the churches are small and are struggling. Alaska has been the focus of much missionary effort for over a hundred years. However, the results have been disappointing. There maybe no more than 4 or 5 truly saved, born-again native America preachers. Alaska is known as America’s las frontier where many of people have tried to hide from God, family and civilization.

  1. Pray for a Great Moving of the Spirit of God at This Time.
  2. Pray that people’s great pride in self-reliance might be broken and they would recognize their need of the Lord.