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Approximately Five Thousand Died In “The Trail of Tears”.

John 4:35

Say not ye, There are yet four months, and then cometh harvest?

behold, I say unto you,

Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields;

for they are white already to harvest.

   The native and original people who lived in North America before European explorers came; the indigenous tribes, the first peoples, the native Americans.


    The original inhabitants of North have been despised, robbed, driven from their lands, massacred without mercy or conscience, obliterated from the national scene. The native American has been deprived of pride, dignity, family and life itself.

    In North America, the U.S., Canada and Alaska there are 562 tribal entities or recognized tribes – a total of 5,220,579 souls. The government established reservations to Americanize the Indians. It also was an excuse to take their lands. Presently, only 22% live on reservations while 78% live off the reservations.

    The Indian Removal Act of 1830 made it legal to take Indian land – beginning with the 5 civilized tribes – Cherokees, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Muskogee, and Seminole. Whites took over 25 million acres and displaced 16,543 people. They had farms and businesses and lost it all. They were forcibly made to walk in the winter to the Oklahoma territory.

 Approximately 5 thousand died in “The Trail of Tears”.

Colossians 1:9

For this cause we also,

since the day we heard it,

do not cease to pray for you.