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Special Notice -Puerto Rico (Part II)

  Puerto Rico now needs an island wide EVANGELISTIC CRUSADE Let’s agree together asking to put such an endeavor together as soon as possible. IT IS TIME FOR A GREAT MANIFESTATION OF GOD AND TO SEE A GREAT HARVEST OF SOULS! [...]

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Special Notice -Puerto Rico. (Part I)

We Feel an Extreme Urgency To Call Your attention to the Island of Puerto Rico.             We focused on the Island last December 04, 2018 after the hurricane. Please do not forget [...]

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Puerto Rico

We informed you of a special outreach also this week in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico needs Christ. Pray that an impact might be made on the island this week through special activities. Churches in Puerto Rico, as a whole, are weak and puny. It is time [...]

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A special Outreach is planned for April 14-21, Easter week, in The island of Puerto Rico. There are still humanitarian needs. Five hundred "Bible Sticks" (entire Spanish Bible narration) will be distributed, plus specials services in schools, [...]

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“Which Thou Knowest Not”

Jeremiah 33:3 "Which Thou Knowest Not"   Pray that Puerto Ricans in the U.S. main land may have broken hearts for their people on the island. II Chronicles 16:9a; Ezekiel 22:30.   Shortly before the hurricane hit Puerto Rico, a [...]

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Puerto Rico – (Rich Port -Spanish)

PUERTO RICO Population: 3,657,343 - Nov, 25, 2018 Language: Spanish, English. Location: 1,000 miles southeast Miami.      50 miles East of Dominican Republic.      40 miles West of Virgin Islands. Officially, commonwealth [...]

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