Reaching the World Through Prayer!

EuroVision 2020/Irish Invasion

The continent of Europe is comprised of 50 Sovereign states over a region of 3.9 millions square miles, 28 of which make up the European Union. With a population estimated at over 742 million people, it is the third most populated continent in the world.

Historically, Western civilization began in Europe, with much of our American culture being rooted in European ideals developed over the centuries. The European powers have played a significant role in global affairs since the 16th century and continue to this day. During that time period, European powers have controlled various portions of the Americas, Africa, Oceania & Asia. It’s a continent steeped in a rich history affecting much of the world’s current political, economic, social & spiritual standing.

Europe has given the world a significant heritage spiritually. Our ancient Baptist forefathers survived mass persecutions to pass on a faith we cherish today. Other prominent spiritual leaders that have arisen from off the continent have advocated for individual soul liberty and the Word of God which have shaped mindsets for generations. For many years, Europe played a central role in missions endeavors around the world.

Tragically, Europe today has little resemblance to those former years. Secular humanism has become the dominant mindset of the average European. The Word of God, which played such a prevalent role in shaping Western Civilization has largely been forgotten. Apostasy, Apathy and Antagonism rages against the Christian faith embraced by those of the past. 

The homelands of many our ancestors are a real concern as we consider their contributions to us. Without their sacrifices, we would not have a Bible or a faith. Though, as mentioned in the book of Nehemiah, much spiritual rubbish exists, with God’s help, the stones can be revived. Could God, even in our day, be using the upheavals and uncertainties occurring on the European continent to prepare people for the Gospel?  Could the financial woes, immigration fears, Brexit and the diminishing of Western Civilization be fueling a longing within the souls of the European people for God? No doubt, there is reason to suspect that.

Our project, EuroVision 2020 & Beyond, is an attempt to work with missionaries and national pastors on the ground in various countries throughout Europe to inspire them to reach their own and believe God for spiritual renewal on this spiritually dark continent. Over the next few years, our intention is to come alongside these men of God and their congregations with teams from the USA and other places to hold evangelistic campaigns aimed at giving these people a spiritual boost and life-breath to what would be considered the remnant of Europe. There is great power still held in a “remnant of people” when the God of heaven touches them. Our desire is to help stoke that belief and provide laborers in these short term missions projects. Our prayer is that God will use our projects to help lay a ground work for new, national churches to be established within the country lead by national men.

Our first campaign in Europe will be in Ireland, dubbed the “Irish Invasion,” which will be held March 13-24, 2020. We have a 25-member team comprised of people from 9 different churches across America and a couple foreign missionaries. Our goal is to mass evangelize County Cork in southern Ireland, near the city of Cork. We’ll be collaborating with Missionary Craig Ledbetter and Bible Baptist Church of Ballincollig. We have plans to hold a special service on Sunday, March 22, in junction with Ireland’s version of Mother’s Day. We pray that our efforts will result in people saved and new contacts generated for our Irish counterparts. Our desire is to co-labor with our Irish brethren to inspire and encourage their efforts to reach their people. We pray God will as well increase our vision for world evangelism and participation as we learn from our Irish brethren and see the field.

We are seeking prayer partners who’ll commit to praying for our team while we are on the ground evangelizing. We’ve set up a Facebook Page called, “Irish Invasion” that we are encouraging people to follow so as to receive daily updates and pictures. Notifications will also go out through the Global Intercessors network as well.

Thank you for your partnership as we enter our first campaign in Europe. Plans are well underway for future campaigns that’ll be announced at a later date.

Pastor Austin Wartner
Metropolitan Baptist Church
Bloomington, MN 55431