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Gaudet Family Update – Tom’s Cardiac procedures

In a past email I asked prayer for a heart cath scheduled for the morning of January 16th. That procedure revealed several blockages so a Surgeon was called in. He preformed a quad bypass Friday the 18th.A few days later I had to undergo another procedure to shock my heart into rhythm. 

I stayed for one week inpatient rehab and just returned home, 3 weeks after my initial hospitalization.This coming Tuesday I will begin outpatient cardiac rehab. At this point, I am not sure how long that will go on. 

Many of you are just hearing about this because I had no access to this list during the hospitalization. Oh how grateful we are for your prayers even though you did not know about it. 

Krinny has borne all of the details which have needed to be tended to during this time as well as staying in the hospital with me during the hardest part. Our daughter was able to come from Lithuania to spend three weeks helping. What a blessing all this has been as the Lord sustained us along the way. 

Please pray as I recover and as our daughter returns to join her family in Lithuania. We have depended upon the Lord and He has not failed us. All Glory to Him!

Thank you again for your prayers and support during these days. Please don’t stop. 

For Souls Still Waiting,  Tom and Krinny Gaudet