Reaching the World Through Prayer!

Missionary Milton – Funeral Arrangements

(Copied from a post by Bruce Martin and  edited by Global Intercessors)

Anyone who knew Milton Martin quickly surmised that he was unconventional. In keeping with that characteristic, he left this earth at a time when conventional plans are thrown out the window with the worldwide virus panic. Authorities have prohibited large gatherings and that requires that we make decisions that are unconventional.

The interment was on March 21st in Seaton, TX with only local family in attendance. Beth Lott was unable to attend because she and her husband, David are missionaries in Peru. The government there has restricted travel. and was unable to travel to the airport, then on to the USA.

We will plan a public Memorial service in the U.S and in Mexico for a later date when the virus panic is resolved. The family wishes to thank the many, many friends from around the world who have given an outpouring of love and appreciation.