Reaching the World Through Prayer!

More Responses Coming in from Suburbs in Botswana

“men ought always to pray, and not to faint;” Luke 18:1


We took the group out to another area of Gaborone today called Broadhurst, which is one of the older suburbs of the city. More literature went out today than even yesterday. Members of the team are doing well, although temps are averaging in the mid 90’s each day. Staying hydrated has been important.

Responses are still coming in as we have 31, and still need to check the post office box. Just as I typed this… another came in!

Quote…”Hi, please I want to study this subject (the gospel). I like the Bible.”

Thank you for your prayers.

Regarding follow-up it will not be practical to go meet every response one on one on a consistent basis. A typical question is where we have church or studies? Finding a central locale to invite these people for bible studies is what we are planning and praying for. We may have an open door for that.

Tomorrow the men are going to Mochudi for outreach. Spiritual warfare is very real! Another missionary told me, in all Botswana, this village is known to have the most witchdoctors residing in it.

We need prayer!

Bro. Rob Johnson