Reaching the World Through Prayer!

Note from Tom Gaudet concerning health 12/5/19

Many of you have interceded on my behalf concerning post-surgical complications from a back surgery the last week in October. I will not go into great details but wanted to ask your continued intercession for my recovery.

Friday the 6th of December I am scheduled to have a follow-up surgery to correct a spinal “cage” which has slipped out of place. Because of its position I have a lot of pain in one of my legs as well as constant drainage through the incision.

I could go on and try to explain it more, but then I would be explaining something that I do not understand! I have been told that without this corrective surgery nothing will change by itself. ‘nuff said for me!

We would really appreciate your continued intercession on our behalf. Please pray for my dear wife as she has driven herself to the point of exhaustion trying to care for me over the past month. We are keenly aware of your prayers. Please don’t stop!