Reaching the World Through Prayer!

Prayer request for the family of Charles Wesco in Cameroon, Africa

Please intercede for this family as Bro. Wesco was shot and killed this morning. He was in the front of the van, his wife and one child were in the back as they traveled to a distant village. They wanted to bring comfort after some in the village had suffered an attack by rebels. Charles was shot in the head and body by a rebel hiding in ambush. A doctor with one of the medical NGOs in the region tried to help him, but he was unable to save him.

This missionary family had arrived in Cameroon on October 18th of this year, only two weeks ago.

Please intercede for Stephanie and their 8 children, aged 2-13 years old. One can only imagine the emotions in seeing her husband killed in this manner. At least one or more of the children witnessed it also.

The Wesco family is sent out of Believers Baptist Church in Warsaw, IN. Pastor Don Williams is Stephanie’s father. He was informed of this news this morning and is currently trying to get an expedited visa to be able to travel to Cameroon ASAP.

Please pray as these arrangements are made to help this dear family deal with the aftermath of such a tragedy. Stephanie told her father this morning that Charles was very happy as they began ministry in that war-torn country.

If you wish to help them with expenses please contact First Light Baptist Mission, a part of Wyldewood Baptist Church, Oshkosh, WI. We just talked to them and they are setting up a direct link from their webpage for online giving.