Reaching the World Through Prayer!

Praying for your missionaries – Indigenous principles

Dear Intercessors,

If you will give your permission we would like to show you a video which was produced by and for a congregation in a small town in Mexico. They did it as a PowerPoint presentation to be shown to the Church for their new building dedication. It also goes back in history nearly 50 years and then highlights the last 10 years that members sacrificed time and finances to build a beautiful new meeting place.

Let me preface this with a few remarks. As I mentioned, this was a Presentation for their Church and as such, it was in Spanish. We have had it translated, inserted that translation in the proper place where the original Spanish appeared only mildly editing where needed. The last frame contains notes inserted by us for American Churches. We then turned that presentation into a video for your ease of viewing.

The purpose of introducing this video is to help focus your intercession upon a very specific area of the work done by missionaries. It is not how big the churches are which are started. The most important question is will that work continue long after the missionary and his foreign support return home.