Reaching the World Through Prayer!


Over 25 years ago, my son Bruce had the opportunity to enter some refugee camps in Central America. It was time of violence and civil war in several countries. In that particular country, there were 7 different refugee camps with around 7 thousands people in each. They were kept fenced in with barbed wire and patrolled by soldiers from that country. There were entire families and each had a 12 ft. by 12 ft. room regardless of the size of the family. I went in with Bruce on his first visit and we passed out Gospel tracts. We distributed around 3 thousands tracts with a post card enclosed offering a free Bible correspondence course. We passed out about 3,000 tracts and not a one was refused. Eight hundred people began to do the Correspondence Bible Courses in this one camp. PEOPLE WHO HAVE LOST EVERYTHING NEED HOPE! They need food and housing but their greatest need is spiritual. It is time some teams were prepared, trained, equipped and funded for immediate response – not – years off but within a matter of days and hours, special literature needs to be written tailored or prepared with specific disasters in mind, someone needs to discipline themselves to learn foreign languages.

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