Reaching the World Through Prayer!

Special Notice -Puerto Rico. (Part I)

We Feel an Extreme Urgency To Call Your attention to the Island of Puerto Rico.

            We focused on the Island last December 04, 2018 after the hurricane. Please do not forget God’s purpose in crisis and disaster–to call those of God’s people with understanding and discernment to very specific prayer. God has worked and there are now people scattered across the island in whose hearts God has worked. Praise the Lord! Yet an impact has not yet been made on the island.

            Demonstrations have been active in the past few days and the Governor has stepped down. Liberals who want to change the State’s Constitution and make it a Socialist-Welfare State are jockeying for power. The corruption will only be worse.

We beg of you to review the specifics of the December 04, 2018 post. Pray Again and AGAIN.

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