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Surgery Report, Nov 3

From Bro. Tom: Surgery Report, Nov 3

I was released from the hospital on Friday afternoon. Late that evening we had to change the bandage due to bleeding. It happened again yesterday and I had to go to the ER that evening for them to look at. They put another bandage on the incision and now it needs to be changed again. I do also have unusual pain but am sure that we will get to the bottom of it tomorrow as try to see the surgeon.

I am pretty sure it is nothing big, but since you had not heard from me since we asked you to pray, thought it best to communicate this to you.

For the mean while please continue to pray. Pray also for my wife, Krinny as she was not feeling well before I had the surgery then she has been with me in and out of the hospital, waiting on my every need. Frankly she is exhausted. I asked a friend in the ministry to take me to the hospital last night. It is a 45min drive, We are surely glad to have you praying for us during these days. Please continue. We will update you as soon as possible.