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The Least Evangelized Islands of Indonesia.

By Wikipedia.

By Wikipedia.


West Lesser Sunda Islands 

(Islands of Lombok and Sumbawa).



The Least Evangelized Islands of Indonesia and among the least developed.


Population: 4,496,855.

Religion: 96% Islam,

3% Hindu,

1% Buddhist.

Peoples: Three major Indigenous Tribes.

Muslim Sasak – 2.75 million.

Less than 200 believers.

Bima – 650,000

Less than 100 believers.

Sumbawa– 400,000.

Less than 20 believers.

All three groups are strongly Muslim but still practice animistic beliefs.fig-6

Life expectancy in this area is 54 years; the lowest in Indonesia and infant mortality is the highest.

Prayer Needs:

  1. Pray for laborers for these Islands. Matthew 9:38.
  2. Pray for the salvation of souls from this region. Romans 10:1.