Reaching the World Through Prayer!

Tired Of a Wicked Lifestyle

Galatians 1:3 “Grace be to you and peace from God the Father, and from our Lord Jesus Christ.”


Thank you all for sacrifice you have made to pray for us here in Botswana. We know that you all have been praying because we have seen the Lord work in great ways. The Lord has given me many opportunities to explain the Gospel. There have been a few people that seemed to be sincerely interested and seeking.

The very first person I had a conversation with on our first day of outreach told me that he wanted to change His life and start doing right things. I believe I sensed a heart that was tired of a wicked lifestyle. Please pray for Obie.

One of the most exciting witnessing opportunities came today, when someone asked me if he should stop smoking. I explain what God said about His children taking care of their bodies, and then went into what it meant to be a child of God. This man was counting on his own works to be right with God, and I was able to explain that it is not by our works that we are saved. The Lord allowed me to meet this man immediately before we were told that we needed a permit to hand out literature at the location we were at. The Lord’s timing is always perfect.

We have had many people contact Bro. Johnson about doing Bible studies. Praise God for how He is working!

Matthew Moats