Reaching the World Through Prayer!

Update October 11. Youth Olympics Campaign

We had another wonderful day of outreach!
Here are some praises:
-We made contact today with 40 new countries. That brings our country count to 115 total countries contacted with gospel literature and/or a personal witness.

-A Spanish contact has enrolled in an internet Bible study course and has already completed the first lesson.

-We received an inquiry from a person from Turkey. They asked, “how do I become a Christian?”

-An Argentine contact requested a Bible study with one of our team members and the national pastor we are co-laboring with.

Everyday, God is answering prayers!

Prayer Requests

-Pray for safe arrival of a pastor from the USA tomorrow. Pray he has ease of entrance into the country with literature he is carrying

-Continue to pray for divine appointments with people!

-Pray for us to reach more countries and more athletes from the ones we have currently reached

-Pray for God’s strength, protection, & grace as we minister tomorrow.

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“The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.”
Romans 16:24