Reaching the World Through Prayer!

Update October 15. Youth Olympics Campaign.

From: Youth Olympics Campaign

Today we had our biggest day of outreach as crowds were enormous! (October 13, 2018)

We passed out thousands of Spanish tracts today and had several opportunities for personal witnessing. We were able to also make contact with 12 more countries bringing our current country count to 142 nations reached.

Tomorrow we will have churches services and make preparations for next week’s evangelistic efforts.

Please pray for:

-God would enable us to continue to saturate the city with Tractsmore positive responses for Bible studies and church.
-God would enable us to reach the remaining countries we have yet to make contact with, particularly the North Korean athletes (we’ve had a couple of opportunities we were unable to capitalize on due to various reasons).
-God’s strength and grace as we are engaged in spiritual battle for God’s glory.

Please don’t stop praying!!!

From: Youth Olympics Campaign

We enjoyed some wonderful fellowship and worship at church this morning.  (October 14, 2018)

We heard an encouraging message from Pastor Tony Scheving. During the afternoon, we had the opportunity to do some tract distribution. One of our team had an excellent witnessing opportunity with a young lady who was very interested in meeting with some one for a Bible study. Responses continue to come in as well.

Please continue to pray for the following:
-God’s protection over our team. The devil has certainly opposed us in a variety of forms.
-There are a few countries we have yet to engage. Please pray that God would open doors of opportunity. Pray particularly for the people from North Korea!
-Pray we can continue to garner new contacts from Argentina.
-Pray for God’s strength to fulfill our mission!


From: Youth Olympics Campaign

Thank you for your faithful prayers!  (October 15, 2018)

God has answered many prayers in regards to opening up great opportunities for personal witnessing.

God also answered key prayers in regards to us making contact with new countries again today.

We made contact with 12 new countries bringing our country count to 154.

One answered prayer is that we were able to get a tract into the hand of a North Korean, which is quite miraculous for many reasons.

We have 2 full days left of outreach.

Please continue to pray for God’s protection and grace as we continue to do our very best to reach every possible person we can. We need God to direct us to divine appointments He has for us.

Please don’t stop praying! Again, the affects are seen vividly here on the ground. Thanks!