Reaching the World Through Prayer!

Update October 18. Youth Olympics Campaign

From: Youth Olympics Campaign

We finished up our last day of evangelism

We had a stellar day distributing Spanish literature and making contact with new countries we had yet to reach. We praise the Lord for all the opportunities He gave us to reach so many people through this project.

The world was literally in Buenos Aires for the last two weeks.

Here is a few items of praise to God:

  • We estimate we distributed over 100,000 Spanish tracts
  • 172 countries received at least one tract or personal witness, many received more.
  • We were able to make contact with 2 North Korean athletes and give gospel tracts to them (which is an answered prayer).
  • Despite various forms of spiritual opposition, the Lord sustained us and enabled us to fulfill our mission.
  • Several written contacts were received along with requests for Bible study material via internet resources.

Pray for God’s wisdom as follow up on these contacts commences and will continue over the next several months. We pray responses will continue to come in long after the team returns home.

Thanks for your prayer investments! They truly have made the difference!!


From: Youth Olympics Campaign