Reaching the World Through Prayer!

US-North Korean Summit meeting

As you know, we are only hours away from the start of the US/North Korea Summit meeting in Singapore. History is indeed being made before our eyes. No one can predict the end from the beginning of this historic event.

Rather than rehashing all the problems of the “Hermit Kingdom” we will just list a few here:  Horrible human rights record for its 25 million population, poverty, hunger, constant quest for recognition among nations by building up the military, and a constant state of war for its 1.1 million-man military.

The news media will report every movement and words spoken by both parties. They will give their opinions on which side is “Winning.” This reporter and that political pundit will drone on and on about it.

Intercessors however should be able to discern what the Lord wants to do in it all. Suppose for a moment that out of this meeting, conditions inside the country loosen and freedoms for its citizens begin. Suppose for a moment that persecutions of Christians lessen, and the door for the Gospel begins to open.

We would propose a question for intercessors. How have we prayed concerning this? Are we prepared to pray those things into reality? And when that happens what preparations have we made to take advantage of those freedoms? Who will pray? Who will take the Gospel to them?  Will there be sufficient men and materials to go? Will there be sufficient funds to send them?

Brethren, let us pray during these days.