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Venezuela Refugees (Part 1)

The largest refugee crisis in Latin – American history. Hugo Chavez (1999) started a socialistic–communistic experiment in the country of 31 million. Venezuela was once South America’s strongest economy.

2.4 million Barrels of oil per day 2015. One million sent to Cuba for which they received no payment. Inflation – highest in the world and biggest in country history at time.

(For more information here is the link online: Venezuela Refugees Crisis)

2015 – 100% Inflation

2017 – 4,000% Inflation


Mass exodus,

Hyper inflation,

Hospitals without supplies,

Stores without food,

Rampant spread of hunger,

A medical doctor; “The most oil-rich country absolutely devastated and turned into a war-torn nation – without a war”.

Colombian National Police leading Venezuelans from San Antonio del Táchira, Venezuela toward Villa del Rosario, Colombia.
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