Reaching the World Through Prayer!

We Are Thankful That You Have “Stood In The Gap” For Us!


Final Report

We went to the airport and saw the team off today. Saying goodbyes are not easy, and these last ten days have gone by very quickly. Please continue to lift them up in prayer as they have a very long trip ahead of them, and that their health will remain well. It has been apparent that the Lord has worked on their hearts while here. We thank each and every one of them as their vision for missions not only continues, but increases.

While here we were able to distribute just over 12,000 pieces of literature, and have had 46 responses up to today from various people around the Gaborone area, and villages near and far. Please pray for the follow-up with these people.

The devil finds a way to fight, as he doesn’t tolerate what we are doing. A particular controversial pastor from America and his church were here (some of them are now deported), and caused issues that happened to coincide with our work. A number of our contacts replied with concern that we were of this church, or that I was this pastor. At least their concern was for good reason. It doesn’t help however, that this group label themselves ‘Baptist.’ Please pray that this would not keep those we have reached from responding to the literature.

Your prayers have mattered and we are thankful that you have “stood in the gap” for us!

If you would like to continue to pray and follow our ministry here in Botswana, our website is below. You can sign up for our prayer letters on our site too.

Lord bless,
Bro. Rob Johnson