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“Without Christians Generates Pressure and Persecution . . . Violence, Destruction”



Geography: 17,500 islands – 6,000 inhabited.

An area, if combined, would be three times larger than state of Texas.

Location: Indonesia is part of the Malay Archipelago in Southeast Asia. It stretches from Malaysia to the East Papua New Guinea. Over 3,500 miles from Sumatra to Irian Jaya.

Population: 250 million souls.Indonesians
The world’s fourth most populous nation.

Language: Bahasa Indonesia is national language with at least 737 other living languages.

Religion: Now 90% Muslim. The creeping Islamization of Indonesia is eroding religious freedom. The Islamic vision of an Indonesia without Christians generates pressure and persecution, often producing violence, destruction and atrocities.mosque
Languages with Scripture
29 Bible.
64 New Testament.
125 Portions.

At least 519 languages with nothing.gunung

Major Cities:Indonesia-church

Jakarta 10,000 million.

Surabaya 3,000 million.

Bandung 2,8 million.

Medan 2,3 million.